The level Merville Battery for Traction Wars (a WW2-themed first person shooter being realized with CryEngine3) has been revealed today. This level is based on a battle which took place on D-Day, 6th june 1944. Which is exactly 70 years ago today.

Merville Battery features bunkers and French farms in the surrounding area.

About Traction Wars

Visit the official website of Traction Wars for the full update and more information about the game.

The latest update for Forgotten Hope 2 has been released this month. It contains two new maps: Omaha Beach and Gold Beach. I did some work on the latter (see previous post) and also provided the image for the loading screen of Omaha Beach.


Gold Beach

The patch has been worked on for quite a while, so it’s great to see all the hard work of the developers finally being played.

Visit the official website for more information about this WW2-themed modification for Battlefield 2.

A lot of sources on level design focus heavily on the technical aspect. Very rarely do I come across interesting videos or articles on the theory of level design. While it’s arguably way more important.

The following video’s do go into the theory and provide a couple of very useful guidelines:

A very in-depth look at several principles of level design.


Taking Half Life 2 as example, this video does a great job of pointing out some of the strengths of this title.


Another video based on Half Life 2.


It’s not a coincidence that games like Half Life 2 and Portal (games devloped by Valve) are used as examples. These games usually features great level design. But the principles applied in these games are also very clear and clean. Elements like the story or visual effects rarely get in the way of gameplay.

Earlier this month a preview of a new map for Forgotten Hope 2 (a free WW2-themed Battlefield 2 modification) was shown. Yesterday the entire map, Gold Beach, was revealed. It’s based on the landing of British troops in Normandy on June 16th 1944.

Gold Beach Gold Beach

As mentioned in a previous post, this map is mainly the work of ‘Beregil’. I picked this map up to improve it’s lighting, gameplay, fix bugs and also to introduce some new features like destructible walls.

Gold Beach Gold Beach

I’ve recently joined the development team of Traction Wars. This team is working on a free stand-alone WW2-themed game, based on the CryEngine 3.

Traction Wars Preview

The game is still in an early stage of development, but I already look forward to seeing what will be achieved.


When joining a team such as that of Traction Wars, you usually have to do an application project. The result of my application can be seen in one of my previous blog posts.

A new map for Forgotten Hope 2 (a WW2 themed Battlefield 2 modification) was shown in a preview for the community.


This map was created by ‘Beregil’. He did a great job of recreating the original battle and giving the level a unique atmosphere. I worked on this level to improve it’s gameplay, adding clear paths for the players to follow and more cover for them to use. The final lighting was also done by me.

Here are two additional images I created for Forgotten Hope 2 (a WW2 modification for Battlefield 2). These images a shown in the menu and loading-screens of the game. They’re made in Photoshop using photographs and textures.

Gold Beach

Preview image for Gold Beach


Preview image for Kuuterselka

Visit Forgotten Hope 2 for more information about the mod.