Updated portfolio

My updated Graphic & Webdesign portfolio is now online. It’s a platform where I can show of my latest work.

The right time to update

For me it was quite important to find the right moment to update my website. It should represent where you are as a designer in terms of style and skill. Recent projects helped me determine this. Therefore I feel like the new website really shows what I’m capable of at this moment.


The portfolio website itself is just as important as the projects it contains. It’s a great chance to show of as many design and technical knowledge as possible. Make sure the focus stays on the content though. As with most project, the design and experience are there to support the content.

Add something extra

The portfolio is geared towards my main profession: graphic & webdesign. However, I personally like to include other interests or skills as well. That is why I added a photography and a game design section. Both sections are related to my profession in several ways, show where my interests and skills extent to and simply add something unique.

Visit my update portfolio.

After enjoying photography for just over a year, I decided to build a portfolio for my favourite images.

Photography Portfolio

About the selection

The website contains just a small selection of my photographs. When creating the selection I tried to only include the best, while also representing the different types of pictures I like to take.


The photographs are organised in several categories. The most important categories are travel destinations I visited over the last year. Other categories are focused on food and portrait photography for example.

About the design

The design is kept minimalistic to keep the focus on the photographs. In addition, every page starts with a big image to catch the users eye. Galleries contain relatively big thumbnails, but a very selective amount of images to let the user keep a good overview.


With the help of jQuery and imagelightbox.js, users can click on the images to enlarge them. The advantage of imagelightbox.js is that it comes with no design of it’s own, allowing you to design it from the ground up (and consistent with the website).

MarlySesink.nl is a personal portfolio containing the paintings, sculptures and monoprints made by Marly Sesink. I created a brand new design for the website and translated it to HTML5 and CSS3.


The design is minimalistic and easy to navigate. For the galleries containing the art I used Image Lightbox. I found this to be a great jQuery-based solution since it works excellent, is easy to implement and doesn’t come with a pre-made (and usually unwanted) design.

The latest update for Forgotten Hope 2 has been released this month. It contains two new maps: Omaha Beach and Gold Beach. I did some work on the latter (see previous post) and also provided the image for the loading screen of Omaha Beach.


Gold Beach

The patch has been worked on for quite a while, so it’s great to see all the hard work of the developers finally being played.

Visit the official website for more information about this WW2-themed modification for Battlefield 2.

Here are two additional images I created for Forgotten Hope 2 (a WW2 modification for Battlefield 2). These images a shown in the menu and loading-screens of the game. They’re made in Photoshop using photographs and textures.

Gold Beach

Preview image for Gold Beach


Preview image for Kuuterselka

Visit Forgotten Hope 2 for more information about the mod.

This is the updated design of my resume. I tried to keep it clean, functional but also visually appealing. The colors are fairly neutral and consistent with my portfolio. As for fonts, I combined Bebas Neue and Lato.
Resume page 1
In my experience a well designed resume is a great way to stand out, even when graphic design may not be your field of work.
Resume page 2 Resume page 3

An image I created for Forgotten Hope 2 (a WW2 modification for Battlefield 2). It’ll be used to reflect the mood of the map ‘Sidi Bou Zid’ in the menu and loading-screen of the game. It’s made in Photoshop using several existing images and a 3d model (the rifle in the top-left corner).

Visit Forgotten Hope 2 for more information about the mod.