is a personal portfolio containing the paintings, sculptures and monoprints made by Marly Sesink. I created a brand new design for the website and translated it to HTML5 and CSS3.


The design is minimalistic and easy to navigate. For the galleries containing the art I used Image Lightbox. I found this to be a great jQuery-based solution since it works excellent, is easy to implement and doesn’t come with a pre-made (and usually unwanted) design.

The level Merville Battery for Traction Wars (a WW2-themed first person shooter being realized with CryEngine3) has been revealed today. This level is based on a battle which took place on D-Day, 6th june 1944. Which is exactly 70 years ago today.

Merville Battery features bunkers and French farms in the surrounding area.

About Traction Wars

Visit the official website of Traction Wars for the full update and more information about the game.