The Vivitar 28mm is a lens which I managed to buy for just € 7,50. I was looking for a wide angle lens with a Canon FD mount, so I was very happy to come across something this cheap.

(Note: my experience with this lens is based on using it with a Canon 70D and 350D with a FD to EF adapter.)


…as a lens?

It’s surpirsingly well built. Both focusing and changing the aperture feels smooth. In addition to that it’s small and light weight (even when using it in combination with an adapter).

Can I recommend this lens… as a lens? Not really, even for a price this low. The picture quality is just not good enough. It’s too soft if not used in ideal conditions. There is simply a big chance you already have a lens which performs better in every way.


…as a curiosity?

However, I did find it very interesting to unpack the box, use the lens and read the manual it came with. It must have been at least 30 years old, yet in great condition. As someone who has only been interested in photography for about a year, it’s a great to learn more about it in this way.

Does Youtube need another unboxing video? Probably not, but I somehow found myself recording one despite that.
Besides the unboxing, it also includes a good look at the matching lens hood and quick comparison with the Canon FD equivalent. So here it is, my unboxing of the Canon EF 50mm F/1.4: