After enjoying photography for just over a year, I decided to build a portfolio for my favourite images.

Photography Portfolio

About the selection

The website contains just a small selection of my photographs. When creating the selection I tried to only include the best, while also representing the different types of pictures I like to take.


The photographs are organised in several categories. The most important categories are travel destinations I visited over the last year. Other categories are focused on food and portrait photography for example.

About the design

The design is kept minimalistic to keep the focus on the photographs. In addition, every page starts with a big image to catch the users eye. Galleries contain relatively big thumbnails, but a very selective amount of images to let the user keep a good overview.


With the help of jQuery and imagelightbox.js, users can click on the images to enlarge them. The advantage of imagelightbox.js is that it comes with no design of it’s own, allowing you to design it from the ground up (and consistent with the website).

At the start of August 2014 I visited São Miguel. This island is part of the Azores, a group of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Lagoa do Fogo




Cha Gorreana

One of the few tea plantations in Europe.

IMG_6323 - Cha Gorreana

Ponta Delgada

The capital of the island, home to beautiful parks and a lot of different street art.



IMG_6278 - Roses

See more of the Azores or check my Flickr-account for more pictures.