Since I’ve been trying out film photography, I wanted to try different kinds of film. After a bit of research I decided to try Ektar 100 first.

ISO 100 vs ISO 200

Ektar 100 is a film roll known for sharpness and a low amount of noise (ISO 100). I was really curious to see if I could get a different result from the cheap ISO 200 I’ve been using.

Voorjaar2015119 - Edit

While I’m very happy with the pictures I got, the difference wasn’t as big as I expected. Perhaps this comes down to the lenses I use or the way I scan the negatives.

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I can see myself using Ektar 100 for special occasions, when I really want that extra bit of quality. But in general I’m still comfortable using decent but cheap film.

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See more

See more pictures I took using Ektar 100 film.

Updated portfolio

My updated Graphic & Webdesign portfolio is now online. It’s a platform where I can show of my latest work.

The right time to update

For me it was quite important to find the right moment to update my website. It should represent where you are as a designer in terms of style and skill. Recent projects helped me determine this. Therefore I feel like the new website really shows what I’m capable of at this moment.


The portfolio website itself is just as important as the projects it contains. It’s a great chance to show of as many design and technical knowledge as possible. Make sure the focus stays on the content though. As with most project, the design and experience are there to support the content.

Add something extra

The portfolio is geared towards my main profession: graphic & webdesign. However, I personally like to include other interests or skills as well. That is why I added a photography and a game design section. Both sections are related to my profession in several ways, show where my interests and skills extent to and simply add something unique.

Visit my update portfolio.