46. My first roll of Ektar 100

Since I’ve been trying out film photography, I wanted to try different kinds of film. After a bit of research I decided to try Ektar 100 first.

ISO 100 vs ISO 200

Ektar 100 is a film roll known for sharpness and a low amount of noise (ISO 100). I was really curious to see if I could get a different result from the cheap ISO 200 I’ve been using.

Voorjaar2015119 - Edit

While I’m very happy with the pictures I got, the difference wasn’t as big as I expected. Perhaps this comes down to the lenses I use or the way I scan the negatives.

Voorjaar2015143 - Edit

I can see myself using Ektar 100 for special occasions, when I really want that extra bit of quality. But in general I’m still comfortable using decent but cheap film.

Voorjaar2015136 - Edit

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